Re: rolled capacitor plate tabs

I think only one tab is used in a rolled cap because it is cheap and 
easy to do. There is no reason that I know of why multiple tabs could 
not be used - which would serve to dec tot inductance + res of cap, and 
increase its discharge capability. I think really high current discharge 
caps ie max disc current >1000amps most probably do use multiple strap 
connections. I have seen multiple strap connections in a pulse rated 
electrolytic cap before

>Original Poster: dferguso-at-ebmail.gdeb-dot-com 
>all the rolled capacitor plates i have seen have only one tab or 
>point on one end of each plate.
>it would seem that having both ends of each plate connected to the
>capacitor terminal would reduce the inductance
>of the capacitor ( i.e. the charge could enter and exit from both ends 
>the plate) , and the resistance of the capacitor
>would be lower since there would be twice the amount of tabs or 
>leads to each plate. is this idea not used because the flux in the 
>would be travelling in opposite directions or something?     thanks for
>your opinions- doug

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