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Martin wrote:
" It was intended as a serious question on a serious issue.
 I hope no-one took offense to it.  In the absence of any info from US
 coilers (or any other countries), I am still wondering why we seem to get so
 many TVI problems from coiling here in the UK, that US coilers dont seem to
 suffer.I know of at least 4 guys local to me who had to give up because of
TVI, so
 it may also be the reason why there are so few coilers in the UK!"

I donīt know if this is of any real help, but I thought I would mention it:

Over here (in germany) I have found that a running TC will produce slight
interference on a normal TV (ariel antenna) set, as long as the coil is not
arcing (i.e. just sending streamers into air).

Once the streamer turns into an arc (i.e: hits something RF grounded) the
interference is pretty minimal (but still noticeable).

You (UKīlers) should have the same 5.5Mhz PAL system we do, unlike our
American coilers, which have the 4.5Mhz NTSC (Never Twice The Same Color)
system. Maybe the increased bandwidth of the PAL system has something to do
with the increased RF radiation problems?

This interference, however, is not a real issue in germany. Why?, you will

Well, very simple: no one uses the ariel TV antenna anymore. 

Just about everyone has satellite or cable TV. The sat. TV recieves in the
8-10Ghz range (on both the vertical and horizontal planes for more programs).
I have never noticed any kind of interference on the sat boob toob.

I donīt know what type of TV system is common now in the US (sat, cable or
ariel). 15 years ago (when I was still living in the US) the most common
system was the normal roof mounted ariel, but maybe this has changed, I donīt

My 2.5/100 Euro........

Coiler greets form germany,