Re: Explaining TC theory

to: Ross

It has been confusing lately.  I'm preparing an article for the TCBA on
this very topic.  Harry will probably publish it in the spring edition if I
can get it submitted by Jan. 30th.


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> Subject: Explaining TC theory
> Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 12:06 PM
> Original Poster: "Ross W. Overstreet" <ross-o-at-mindspring-dot-com> 
> As my coil nears completion, I am getting more and more questions about
> Tesla theory from my friends and co-workers.  I have promised a Tesla
> party as soon as my coil is running.  I have even found a few local
> coilers who might bring over their devices.
> I really need some handouts on TC theory or at least some good graphics
> to point at while discussing things.  I looked over most of the pages on
> the TC ring a while back, but didn't bookmark any of the "good theory"
> pages.  With all of the recent heated discussion on resonant rise, I'm
> not sure I understand it any more :-)
> Just figured that someone had already made a Powerpoint presentation or
> something along those lines and could point me to it. Should have arcs
> in 2 more weekends!!!  (6" coil powered by 12KV -at- 120ma)
> Thanks,
> Ross Overstreet
> Huntington Beach, CA