Re: Tesla Coil Operation - was "Harmonics"

Tesla List wrote:

> Good analogy. It seems there are always analogies for systems and it helps
> to understand how they work. So is the angle of the coupling bar related to
> the coupling coefficient or should it be softer such as a spring?

The height of the bar in the lines is related to the coupling
and both the height and the angle to the turns ratio. The bar should be
a spring, were the lines rigid, but if they are flexible strings, they
provide the spring effect, and the system works much in the same way.

It is very easy to set up that analog: Make two pendulums with different
weights, separated by a few inches. Use a drinking straw as the bar,
passing the lines through two holes at the ends of the straw, or passing
the lines through the straw, or making loops in the string around the
straw ends.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz