Re: First Tesla

to: Ryan

Your sec coil should be wound with #26 or #28 AWG --- not 8 gauge.  You
need in the area of 600 to 1000 turns for optimum performance.  I would
suggest a 4 inch dia SDR (sewer & drain) pipe which is available from any
local plumbing supply shop.  If you want complete plans (FREE) for a coil
with a 20 inch spark output contact me off-line.

Upgrade to a 12 kV  60 ma neon sign transformer which is available used
from any local neon sign shop for around $20.  

For more money to fund your work ---- go visit the neighbors in your
"hood".  At $10 a pop for a good carwash, you should be able to wash approx
6-10 cars per week on a weekend.  Do a real good job and you could do them
every week for 2-3 weeks (a good job will guarantee you repeat business ---
a bad job will guarantee you only a one time job) which would give you
several hundred dollars.  Capitalism is easy if you can answer two
important questions: (1) Am I willing to work hard to achieve my goals?,
and (2) Do I have the patience and energy to do it?   

If you can answer yes to both questions, and then apply yourself, you
should have your coil running in a few months.  Trying to do it in two
weeks with a first time coil is not a reasonable goal.


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> Subject: First Tesla
> Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 7:29 PM
> Original Poster: "Van Breuggeman" <ryanb-at-ij-dot-net> 
> Salutations, I was pondering if anyone could offer their opinion on my
> coil. It is my first ever, and I get about 8$ a week for money. I am only
> `3, which means a limited cash flow. I am hoping to make a working tesla
> Jan 25th. I plan to use the following: wood base, 8 awg coaxial cable
> primary 2.75 inches tall, seconday pvc painted with polyurethane, and
> with about 85 feet of some high voltage 8 gauge copper wire, toroid for
> discharge made of aluminum, salt water capacitors(4 gatorade bottles), a
> or 5 kv transformer, not sure which, and I plan to use a specific design
> am working on to increase efficincy of my coil. I know the plans sound
> complete but I have spent about 58 hours online and in the library
> researching teslas. If anyone could offer advice on any cost
> but good) ways to make a great tesla coil, let me know. Thanks.
> ----Ryan B