TVI (was snow on telly results)

Hi all on the list,
                      I had no response to the question below.

It was intended as a serious question on a serious issue.
I hope no-one took offense to it.  In the absence of any info from US
coilers (or any other countries), I am still wondering why we seem to get so
many TVI problems from coiling here in the UK, that US coilers dont seem to

I know of at least 4 guys local to me who had to give up because of TVI, so
it may also be the reason why there are so few coilers in the UK!

I hope this is not a "taboo" subject on the list.
Any thoughts anybody has on the subject would be very much appreciated.

       Best wishes to all coilers,   Martin Dale   TCBON

>As to why our American friends seem to get away without major TVI >problems
>I'm not sure.

>More space between houses maybe., cable TV., lower TV channel >frequencies?
>Whatever it is, there sure 'aint any difference between UK RF and good old
>American RF!

>Any of you guys over there prepared to comment (please)?

>Best regards everyone,    Martin Dale,  TCBON   (also G6ABU!)