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>The control cabinet is where you will be standing or sitting,
>correct?  By definition, this will be some safe distance from the

Yes, it is about 25 - 30 feet from the coil.

>coil.  Your main tank circuit spark gap (static or rotary) should be
>located physically as close as possible to the primary and tank
>circuit capacitor, with the associated interconnecting wires or

I can put the RQ/TCBOR gap at the coil along with the caps, but the
rotary is synchronous so it will have to stay at the control cabinet.

>cables not unnecessarily long.  If your H.V. power transformer(s) is
>small enough, such as neon sign transformers, I would suggest also
>locating them clost to the coil along with all the safety gaps,
>bypass caps, etc.  If you are using a large transformer, such as a
>distribution transformer, it will need to be located out of reach of
>the sparks from the coil.  I have all my control circuitry mounted

Two H&R's dunked in oil in a plastic toolbox. I plan on having them
next to the cabinet and keeping the leads short  from the variac to
the transformers and the hi-voltage leads will also be short going
back in to the safety-gap, bypass caps, and resistor assembly.

>together in one location, a few feet away is the distribution
>transformer, then it connects to a board that has the safety gaps and
>whatever else you might want such as bypass caps and resistors
>(personally, I have removed both of those items). Then, I have the

I'm not too sure about using these resistors either. But they're easy
to remove from the circuit.

>H.V. power feeds that run out to the coil, using about 25 feet of
>RG213 with the shield removed.  I also have two low voltage ac feeds
>going out to the coil to supply power to the rotary gap motor and the
>rotary fan.

I'm using two runs of 12-2 house wiring with all three wires connected
at both ends. They are each in  pvc pipe and both pvc pipes are inside
a 3" pvc pipe. This runs down the side of the wall on the floor.

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