First Tesla

Salutations, I was pondering if anyone could offer their opinion on my tesla
coil. It is my first ever, and I get about 8$ a week for money. I am only
`3, which means a limited cash flow. I am hoping to make a working tesla by
Jan 25th. I plan to use the following: wood base, 8 awg coaxial cable
primary 2.75 inches tall, seconday pvc painted with polyurethane, and wound
with about 85 feet of some high voltage 8 gauge copper wire, toroid for
discharge made of aluminum, salt water capacitors(4 gatorade bottles), a 1
or 5 kv transformer, not sure which, and I plan to use a specific design I
am working on to increase efficincy of my coil. I know the plans sound not
complete but I have spent about 58 hours online and in the library
researching teslas. If anyone could offer advice on any cost effective(cheap
but good) ways to make a great tesla coil, let me know. Thanks.
----Ryan B