Hello everyone, thanks for all the help getting my coil going. I have an
almost working system now...

6.25" x 25" secondary 22 AWG
15 turn 1/4" copper tube primary tapped at 13 for now
.01 uF rolled poly cap (calculated, no meter yet)
15KV 60 mA neon transformer
4" x 24" toriod
RCR filter (Thanks Terry!)
RQ Gap

Saftey gaps on both sides of the filer (3/16")  and across the cap (1/2"). 
The filter gaps are from each HV side to ground.

I think I'm out of tune. I can't seem to find a better place to tune it so
if anyone has ideas I'm listening. I started with a bigger toriod (8" z
24") but at the advice of another list member trimmed it down. I can open
the gap to 6 gaps at .030" and run at full power without firing the saftey
gaps with the tap at 13. If I move it I can only get to about 1/2 power on
the variac before the saftey gaps go nuts. Same thing happens if I open
the gap further. I don't have a fan on the gap yet.

Also, I am running on a counterpoise for the RF ground, it's a large sheet
of metal screening. The ground is frozen so I can't get a real RF ground
in for a while. I would like to get better performance out of this setup
if I can. 

I am getting thin purple streamers about 1 foot to a grounded rod. I got
this from the old toriod as well, but they are a bit thicker now. I tried
various points on the primary and this seems to be as good as it gets. 
>From posts on the list and web pages it seems like I should be able to get
more output from this configuration. 

Any ideas?

Travis Tabbal