Re: Current Limiting and MOTs

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>Another problem with seriesed MOTīs is the fact that EACH MOT MUST have a
>seperate safety gap (even the Gardner type) across it (for Tesla usage). A
>single safety gap across all MOTs doesnīt seem to work. (Similar to the H&R
As the o/p voltage form MOTs is relatively low, might a few series
MOVs be better than gaps for protection? 
Harris do some 1KV, 360J ones for about $1.50 . They quote a peak
(8/20uS) transient rating of 6.5KA
The clamp voltage should be more accurate than a small gap, plus it
makes an 'under oil' MOT assembly easier as the MOVs could be in the
oil as well - no need to wire out to external spark gaps.
Any suggestions as to what sort of energy rating you'd need on the
MOVs ? 
Would the (relative) lack of current limiting cause the MOV to blow up
from the MOT output power once it had been 'fired' by a transient ?
I'd think not as AFAIK unlike gas-discharge arrestors and spark gaps,
there is no 'latching' action, so they should stop conducting as soon
as the transient is over. 
One possible problem is that they're not intended for a high transient
rep-rate which you're likely to get in a TC, possibly leading to

They're cheap enough to be worth a few experiments - just watch out
for shrapnel if they get overstressed! Safety glasses and containment