Re: 15 KVA RSG price

> That's a great gap!  Are you sure it's a synchronous motor running
> at 3200 rpm?  I would have expected it to be 3600 rpm.

My mistake... it must be 3600 rpm

>  How does
> the motor roll work, is it a physical rotating of the motor?

Yes, it has a resiliant motor mount.

> The motor
> runs at only one speed, correct?  If so, this gap will not only be able
> to handle a lot of power, it will also demand a lot of power...unless you
> remove some electrodes when working at lower powers, is that your
> plan?  Or will you aim for full power always?

Most likely full power.

> Is the rotor made from
> epoxy laminate such as G10 or G11?  What are boots?

yes i believe it is made of G10.   boots are simply rubber stand-offs that the
1/2" steel plate rest on.

> Thanks,
> John Freau
> > All HV conductors are elevated 4" off of the base by ceramic insulators.
> > again, the picture is available here:
> > http://members.aol-dot-com/cabbotttt/newRSG.jpg
>   >>