Re: Capacitance of a coil

I wrote:

> (While making the comment above I was imagining what would be the
> effect of the distance to ground in the capacitance of a hollow
> cylinder with constant voltage to ground. If the idea is correct,
> it must reach a limit when the cylinder touches the ground, close
> to the value given by Medhurst's formula, and not go to infinity,
> as it may appear that is what would happen.
> Would Terry's simulator be able to verify this?)

Thinking better:
More reasonable is to consider a hollow cylinder with the voltage
rising along its length, linearly, or maybe better sinusoidally
(the correct solution without top load), and compute the equivalent 
capacitance from the stored charge, as C=Q/Vtop. This is what 
Terry's simulator does, in the simplest case. (I didn't try yet, as
it takes too long to complete. Will someone translate it to some
-fast- language, as djgpp C?)

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz