Opinions on hv and lv proximity sought

I would like opinions on where to place hi-voltage components in
relation to low-voltage components. What I am trying to decide is
whether to place both in my control cabinet. The individual parts are
seperated by a good amount so arcing isn't a problem, but will the
low-voltage components pick up radiation from the hi-voltage
components is what I'm concerned about.

What I have done is place the safety-gap, bypass caps, and a couple
resistors on one side and some chokes on the back wall on the inside.
The leads from the chokes drop straight down to insulators and pass
through a shelf to the bottom. The spark-gap is on the bottom shelf
and the hi-voltage then goes out through the side and connects to the
wires leading to the coil. At least that's what I have planned. It
isn't all finished yet and can still be changed easily. Oh yeah, the
reason for the middle shelf is to protect these parts from the rotary
which will be on the bottom.


Alan Jones
ICQ #21057220