Re: Van de Graaff (Toroid Design)

to: Antonio

Thank you for the updated information.  I will try to get a copy of the
paper you mentioned.


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> Subject: Re: Van de Graaff (Toroid Design)
> Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 6:36 PM
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> Tesla List wrote:
> > I've been in the lower section of the Boston VDGRF.  They are using
> > appears to be a leather belt at present approx 4 feet wide.  There is
> > a heater system to drive out the mositure near the lower upward run of
> > belt.
> The present machine really uses belts made of a latex/cloth material. 
> The original machine had, in each of the two columns, three belts.
> Two for charge transport and one for power transmission, with a motor
> below and a generator above. The original belts were made from 
> electrical insulation paper 0.017" thick and 47" wide. There was
> air conditioning inside the columns, so to say that the belts operated
> in open air is really not correct.
> A detailed description of the machine is in the paper:
> "The design, operation, and performance of the Round Hill electrostatic
> generator," by L. C. Van Atta, L. Northrup, C. M. Van Atta, and
> R. J. Van de Graaff, Physical Review, Vol. 49, pp. 761-776, May 1936.
> The paper describes in detail the charging system, efficiency,
> measurement problems and techniques, etc.
> Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz