For Sale Adelaide, SA Tesla Equipment

Hi Australian Teslaphiles, due to the iminent birth of my wife and myselfs
first child I am selling some of my Tesla Equipment that I have accumulated.
I have:

2 Large 15kV 30ma NSTs
4 1000W MOTs
1 10kV 28mA OBIT
2 Home made 30kV Rolled caps (need Oil) 0.019
µF each
1 0.01µF Flat plate cap
several coils 4-6inches in diameter.
A bag of Short Lengths of HV wire
Heaps of Electronic parts  including many motors and parts from µwave ovens
and photocopiers and TVs

name a price or ask for one.  No reasonable offer refused.  will post
within Australia.

Don't worry I am still keeping some gear so I am not giving up my hobby, I
just need more room for storage.

Please contact me off list at     Matthew.Mills-at-santos-dot-com.au


 Matthew Mills