Re: Primary Coil (and cap?) INSIDE Secondary Coil

Tesla List wrote:

>         I had this thought the other day.  Since capacitiors are usually
> Would it be possible to use a capacitor as both the primary capacitor and
> primary inductor in one unit?  In other words, the spiral plates of the cap
> would also serve as a spiral primary inductor?  Or, would the fields always
> canecl the effect??  such a unit would be really neat for the situations
> where you would insert the primary inside the secondary.
> My gut feel is that the physics would not allow such a machine to work,
> but....

There was at some time research on this special element. I remember 
seing a paper in an old IEEE journal, probably from the 1950's.
A rolled capacitor with one terminal at the outer end and the other
at the inner end will really behave much as a series LC tank, or
more exactly as a weird transmission line, and may be usable as
a primary in a Tesla circuit. An interesting idea that someone could 

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz