Re: Primary Coil (and cap?) INSIDE Secondary Coil

>	I had this thought the other day.  Since capacitiors are usually 
>Would it be possible to use a capacitor as both the primary capacitor 
>primary inductor in one unit?  In other words, the spiral plates of the 
>would also serve as a spiral primary inductor?  Or, would the fields 
>canecl the effect??  such a unit would be really neat for the 
>where you would insert the primary inside the secondary.

Self inductance of caps/ self capacitance of coils is a technique 
sometimes used in radio freq. design... It can be done, but you would 
need to carefully work it out. I doubt if a shop bought cap would 
fortuitously work like this for a coil. Maybe consider the reverse: 
aprimary coil wound of a flat ribbon wire such that there was a high 
cap. between windings?

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