New NST, Wattmeter kit

Terry, John, ALL

I have run into an opportunity for beginning, intermediate coilers.
We may have access to 12kV, 30mA <NEW in box> NST's.  Estimated
cost of $15 ea, (shipping and handling extra).  Please contact
off list for future information concerning interests, quantities, and

I'll have to do some homework on the SS wattmeter.  Being an EE, I am
concerned about optocoupler physical clearance from HIGH POWER
conductors (0.1 inch clearance from 120/240 conductors with 1kV impulses
is like playing with a loaded gun).  Even with external shunts, design
is marginal for anything over a small table top coil (~ 1kW input). 
I've started working on my large power controller (~ 14kVA input) again,
and this issue will be on the plate for consideration soon.  One
possibility is fiberoptic links from photoLED's at power voltage /
current levels to transistors at analog +/- 15VDC levels. (Terry please
reply off list on suppliers, balancing components for fiberoptic parts
you used on your fiberoptic projects). Another idea is small plexiglas /
lucite light pipes to provide galavanic isolation.  The MAXIM MAX427CPA
instrument op-amp upgrade (versus 741) worked very well, with varying AC
lamp load while maintaining fixed input VAC, from 100W - 1.1kW, circuit
non linearities and errors were less than 1% across most of usable
intrument span  :^)

If enough population out there is interested, I can pursue with some
local PCB fab houses about making boards (single sided).  Board cost
would be reasonable, and a decent kit should be able to be made for a
reasonable cost...

I also am selling HV safety signs, along lines of Safety FAQ's on this
list, the safety signs list major hazards attendent with Tesla Coil / HV
Hazards and is fashioned after IEEE osha standard signage.  Likewise
contact off list from pricing and further information...