Re: Current Limiting


MOT's generally have magnetic shunts and are therefore self current limiting.
I would be more concerned about the small coil size. Why not build a coil that
can withstand 3kva? Also, the 5500v transfomer is right on the low-edge
voltage wise. I have heard of MOT's being connected in series (a couple) which
were able to handle the extra voltage stress. If your MOT's were capable of
this, then you would have 11kv-300mA transformer. There is a specific method
to the series connection and I'm not the right person to tell you how to do
this. You might search out the List archives at www.pupman-dot-com. Keyword of
course would be MOT, or Microwave, etc...


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: NickandSim-at-aol-dot-com
> To All,
>           I have a problem.  I have been forced to use a pair of microwave
> transformers for my mini tesla.  These give 5.5kV at 600ma so some current
> limiting would be in order!!  I have calculated that a 30uH inductor would
> limit the current suitably but would like a second opinion.  I enclose the
> rough design parameters.
> Secondary
> diameter = 30mm
> height = 150mm
> wire dia. = 0.30mm
> spacing = 0mm
> turns = 499
> wire length = 47.03m
> inductance = 1.35mH
> Unloaded Res. = 2751.16kHz
> Loaded Res. = 1594.74kHz
> Self cap. = 2.48pF
> Toroid = 1 * 3.5 in
> Primary
> primary cap = 0.01uF
> primary res. = 1594.74kHz
> conductor dia. = 0.92mm
> turn to turn spacing = 5.50mm
> inside spacing = 6mm
>                                  Nick Field