brand new 15 KVA RSG pics!

As some of you may have heard, I had Bill Wysock of Tesla technology Research
build me the most FABULOUS 600 PPS ROTARY GAP.  I just recieved it in the mail
and I am all excited!

Check out this snapshot of it just out of the packaging...


This puppy will handle up to 30 kva no questions asked!  I have a 90" tall 24"
wide secondary made from 750 turns of #10 wire.  My power is a T&R electric 15
KVA bruiser pig.  to see my setup visit


Well, i hope to run this monsterous coil at full power as soon as i can
find or
rent a warehouse!

60" from an 8" coil and soon to have 200" from 24" coil,

Cabbott Sanders