Re: Sam Barros' Latest experiments:-)

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>  Jim Lux once suggested
>  I used silver plated for a certain application (not really Tesla Coil
>  related but thanks, Jim!). He says the silver conducts even when
>  oxidised. That would be a good option but a single discharge will blow
>  the silver layer off. Pure silver spoons are bit expensive for a spark
>  gap, I think.
    I can't help with the rest of your message, but you might poke around that
surplus shop for big relays or contacters.   I was lucky enough to get a
400amp, 480V relay  from an old induction furnace and am using the silver
contacts for two of my series spark gaps.  I used these to take most of the
voltage and use another to help with the quenching.  At first, I would  polish
these frequently, but then decided that it wasn't making much of a difference
to do that.  These guys are large(about an inch diameter) and can take the
punishment quite well and the oxide coating seems to not cause any degradation
of the arc.  They get somewhat hot after a ten minute continuous run, but the
performance doesn't seem to fall off.  I am going to put heatsinks of them,
but don't expect any difference except that they will stay cooler for longer