Proposal: Wattmeter project


I think every coiler could benefit from having an electronic wattmeter
that would accurately measure their TC input power.  The input current
to a TC tends to be distorted which makes ordinary meters read 
incorrectly.  If various coils made by different builders are to be
compared, it would be good to know that the input power measurement
techniques are standardized and accurate.

My proposal is:

Is there anyone on the list that enjoys building small electronic projects
and would be willing to build a number of electronic wattmeters and
offer them for sale for a reasonable price to other list members?

The perfect design for the wattmeter would be the one presented
by and built by Dave Sharpe of the TCBOR some time ago.  It uses
an optocoupler IC that costs about 15 cents or so, and a few other
components.  It's a simple circuit overall.  (Dave, any objections?)

Just a thought,

John Freau