Re: Pig current limiting

According to my last calculations, to sustain a 50 kW pulse power a 15 uF
cap allows for the voltage to drop max. 2%.

This can be easily calculated from the charge consumed between two
consecutive ripple peaks. Of course, this depends on the ripple frequency
(300 Hz in my case), the tank nominal voltage, the primary capacitors value
and the amount power used. And I didn't consider losses...

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A good "rule of thumb" for filter cap size in this resonant charging
scenario is 10 x resonant cap size.  This will provide adequate energy
the tank circuit.

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> >The tank supply I am designing uses a 3-phase pig transformer and a 6
> >bridge to charge a filter capacitor of 15 uF. After that there is a
> >that charges the primary capacitor usign resonant charging.

Actually, if the filter cap droop is to meet the 1% spec,
the filter cap must be at least _50 x_ the size of the
primary cap  (1% in voltage is 2% in energy).

A 10 x filter cap would droop over 5% in voltage.