Re: Pig current limiting

to: KnotyDog

Electro-Technic Products Company, Chicago, IL.  Tel 312-561-5463 (area code
may have changed).  


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> Subject: Re: Pig current limiting
> Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 10:04 PM
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> to all:
> Does anyone know of the manufacturer of the hand held tesla used in
> supply shops? I think one is
> Master Electric in Chicago
> Also looking for manufacturer of the glass accesories
> These units date back to the 20' & 30's under names like Renu-life?
> They are also called violet wands.
> I think they emit both RF & UV  & arc a spark to the skin. One use is
> supposedly to stimulate hair growth
> Anyone got any experience with them pro or con?