Re: DC efficiency

Original Poster: "John H. Couture" <COUTUREJH-at-worldnet.att-dot-net>

  >Marco, Greg, All-

>  Tesla would have wanted the most efficient Tesla coil (air core resonant
>transformer) for his world circling electrical system. Is the DC Tcoil
>system more efficient than the AC Tcoil system? Have any comparisons ever
>been made? It would appear the DC Tcoil system would give a more stable
>output but the AC Tcoil would be more efficient because less circuitry is

A coil with a consistent primary firing voltage is more 
efficient than a straight AC Tcoil, simply because the 
'runt pulses' near the zero crossings of an AC coil do not 
contribute significantly to the spark length, allowing the 
ions to further dissipate.