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 > can anyone provide any info or "do's and dont's" on how to connect the
 > secondary coil winding to the toroid?
As I mentioned before, I use short pvc pipe sections to support the toroid(s)
with one end cap glued open end up on top of the secondary.  Then a section of
pvc pipe and an end cap on top of that with a .25" dia nylon bolt sticking up
through the middle of it.  The wire comes up from the secondary and I allow a
few lazy turns to come up the pvc pipe (toroid support) then I just have the
wire bent with a loose hook on the end that is looped around the nylon bolt.
The last couple inches of wire has the enamel insulation scraped or sanded
off.  Now I set the toroid over the bolt and use a nylon washer and nylon wing
nut to tighten it down.  The secondary wire is now pinched between the flat
bottom surface of the top end cap and the flat bottom (aluminum tape covered)
toroid.  I use a solid center in all my toroids with a .25" dia hole in the
center for mounting.

Ed Sonderman