Re: One more thing

to: Mike

Dig out the test in the archives and test it.  It's an easy test and you
can adjust it while the test is in progress.  This will be the best
determination as each primary configuration will affect the result.


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> Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 4:03 AM
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> >  Don't use a solenoid for the primary --- overcoupling will result. 
> >  power factor correction.   Sec to toroid connect a 3/4 turn spiral off
> >  sec coil --- then connect with a brass bolt.
> >  
> You think a three inch coil would be overcoupled with a solenoid?    Mine
> never seemed to have that problem, but maybe this is not the best way to
> Would hate to suggest something that might cause someone else trouble.
> Mike