Tesla Coil Videotape # 22 is ready

 Tesla Research Video #22 is finally complete.  This two hour
 VHS videotape shows the Tesla coiling work I've done since my
 previous tape.  This tape also contains a special segment that shows
 my method for producing pristine spun metal toroids at very low cost.  
 Complete index:
 1.  A small secondary is wound using a homemade coil winding
     machine.  This is in preparation for testing the absolute capabilities
     of small, thin wired secondary coils.
 2.  A dryer duct toroid is built using a new end-joining technique for
     a smooth, clean, seam.
 3.  Small magnifier coupling and quenching is verified under various
      tuning conditions using a secondary variable tuning capacitor.
 4.  New small classic TC test set-up is shown and tested.  A 9" high
      secondary gives 22 1/2" sparks using series multi-pipe static gaps.
      Scope display of 1st and 2nd notch quenching is shown.
 5.  Set-up tips for TC's using short secondary coils.
 6.  Antenna pickup for scope is described.
 7.  Larger toroid is installed on the small classic TC and gives 28" 
      sparks using a higher break-rate and higher input power.
 8.  Small secondary blows out from over-volting, and is repaired.
 9.  The 9" secondary is replaced with a 12" high secondary and 
 10.  A potential transformer is installed and gives 32" - 35" fierce
       sparks from the 3" by 12" secondary.
 11.  Controller, ammeter, ballast, variac, and wattmeter are shown.
 12.  The 4" by 23" secondary is installed for comparison, and blasts
        out 36" sparks at 800 watts still using the static gaps.
 13.  A synchronous rotary gap is installed and easily gives 40" sparks. 
       The different gap systems are discussed.
 14.  A couple of hamfest buys are shown.
 15.  High vs. low break-rates are discussed, with preliminary 
 16.  The 12 point series quenching rotary spark gap, and high break
        rate TC sparks are shown.
 17.  Car is loaded up for pilgrimage to annual east-coast teslathons.
 18.  A large rotating anode X-ray tube is shown.
 19.  Gaithersburg, MD  hamfest buys.
 20.  6" and 10" spun aluminum toroids are tested on TCs, and give 
       great spark action.
 21.  Lathe set-up for spinning is shown, along with custom built table.
 22.  New design polished aluminum toroids, and brushed copper
        toroids are shown.
 23.  Richard Hull and Lou Balint visit my NJ lab.
 24.  This 20 minute segment takes the viewer through my toroid
        metal spinning process, with full descriptions and production
        secrets shown.  Make your own beautiful spun metal toroids!
 25.  A technique for de-gassing gassy tubes is shown.
 26.  A 10" spun copper toroid is shown.
 27.  More work is done on debarnacling vacuum tubes to allow them
        to withstand higher than normal plate voltages.  Set-up, X-ray
        protection, and preliminary work is shown and discussed.
 To order Tape 22 please send check or MO for $16, (includes 
 shipping in the US), to:
 John Freau
 49 Thiem Ave
 Rochelle Pk,   NJ   07662  
 Thanks,  John Freau