Re: New Design

Hi Kenny,
Thought I'd add my 2 penny's worth.

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: PEARYII-at-aol-dot-com
> Kenny here again. Thank you all for the research you've supplied me with.
> With that new info, ive created A new design for my TC. Here are the
specs Ive
> put together so far. Again, if you have an ideas or see any design flaws in
> this new TC, feel free to tell me.
> Primary
>         8 AWG
>         Inside Dia: 6 in
>         spacing: 2 in
>         Total Turns: 10

Considering your secondary is a 9 inch height, I assume this to be a flat
spiral. The
2 inch spacing is excessive and unnecessary. You could tighten this up to
1/4" (0.25)
and tune in at about 10.5 turns. I would wind a few more turns, tune in,
then you
could remove excess if wanted. It would still be far more compact than the
2 inch
spacing would allow. This would allow an 1.5 inch distance between pri. and
sec. and
should be ok.

> Secondary
>         Dia: 3 in
>         Height: 9
>         24 AWG

Seems ok with a 3:1 ratio since the output arc length will be pretty short.

> xformer
>         Out: 3000 v 85mA
>         Input: 110 v 60 hz

You might want to try a higher voltage. I think you will get more output
arc length
with a higher voltage. With your 3kv-85mA, I would expect a 2 inch arc
length with
quite a snap, but with the 9kv-30mA (Neon), more like 5 inch arcs with less
(based on a cap size of 0.0011uF which is needed with the currect specs

> Caps:
>         6 Bottle and Aluminum
>         Capacitance: to be tested. What would be ideal range?

As I said, the calculated value for Cp is 0.0011uF with your inductance as
it stands.
Now if you up your cap size to 0.005uF, you could decrease inductance to
about 5.5
turns. This will increase your energy per break for about 3.5 inch arcs at
3kv-85mA or
about 11 inch at 9kv-30mA.

> Top
>         Toroid
>         Outside Dia. 6.25 in
>         inside dia. 2.4375
>         height: 2.25

> Spark Gap
> I used an idea I saw on the internet, which hopefully works. Its basically
> two screws held up and pointing each other. I can change the distance,and
> current distance is 1/2 in.

It's something to start with, but you may want to consider a multi-static gap.