DC efficiency (was Re: Resonant charging and quench time)

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  >Marco, Greg, All-

>  Tesla would have wanted the most efficient Tesla coil (air core resonant
>transformer) for his world circling electrical system. Is the DC Tcoil
>system more efficient than the AC Tcoil system? Have any comparisons ever
>been made? It would appear the DC Tcoil system would give a more stable
>output but the AC Tcoil would be more efficient because less circuitry is

>  John Couture

Here the idea (at least mine) is to make measures on a TC removing one of
the annoying variables from the bounch of several tenths: tank supply
voltage (i.e. bang voltage).

It is easier to measure and store a single bang knowing that all bangs are
the same than to have
to store N bangs and integrate/average/etc. all measures.

Efficiency is not an issue here. When I have understood all the factors
affecting spark lenght and performance on a stationary, repeatable system,
I can start thinking to a time variable system, as an AC tank supply.