Re: Harmonics

They have to be the same frequency. So I guess it's a harmonic...1st
The primary is basically a HV/high frequency power supply, which happens to
be magnetically coupled to the secondary. In a magnifier, the primary and
secondary are the HV supply, and the tertiary does all the resonating.

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Russell Babylon <babylon-at-ccpl.carr.lib.md.us>
> Being new at tesla coils I have a basic question.  Should the
> frequencies at which your primary and secondary coils operate be
> harmonics?  I assume that this is what is happening when people speak of
> adjusting the primary coil with some sort of adjustable tap.  The power
> transfer should be greatest when the secondary is operating at a
> harmonic of the primary coil frequency.

           --Mr. Postman (Doug Brunner)