Re: Resonant charging and quench time

  Marco, Greg, All-

  Tesla would have wanted the most efficient Tesla coil (air core resonant
transformer) for his world circling electrical system. Is the DC Tcoil
system more efficient than the AC Tcoil system? Have any comparisons ever
been made? It would appear the DC Tcoil system would give a more stable
output but the AC Tcoil would be more efficient because less circuitry is

  John Couture


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>> I am designing a
>> DC tank supply employing resonant charging. My target is to have a bang
>> (primary capacitor charging voltage) stable and repetible from bang to

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>The operation of a DC resonant charger is predictable, and the 
>voltages developed by the circuit can (and should) be calculated.
>The capacitor should be simply rated to handle the maximum possible