New Design

	Kenny here again. Thank you all for the research you've supplied me with.
With that new info, ive created A new design for my TC. Here are the specs Ive
put together so far. Again, if you have an ideas or see any design flaws in
this new TC, feel free to tell me.

	8 AWG
	Inside Dia: 6 in
	spacing: 2 in
	Total Turns: 10
	Dia: 3 in
	Height: 9
	24 AWG
	Out: 3000 v 85mA
	Input: 110 v 60 hz
	6 Bottle and Aluminum
	Capacitance: to be tested. What would be ideal range?
	Outside Dia. 6.25 in
	inside dia. 2.4375
	height: 2.25
Spark Gap
	I used an idea I saw on the internet, which hopefully works. Its basically
two screws held up and pointing each other. I can change the distance,and the
current distance is 1/2 in.