Re: Van de Graaff (Toroid Design)

Tesla List wrote:

> The physics theory is correct, however, in a small generator one can not
> acheive theorectical values mainly due to imperfect terminals and corona
> points on the lower pulleys, belt tracking, etc.   A "k" fudge factor
> (a.k.a. empirical) enters into the equation to adjust to measured values.
> We have measured between 24.5 and 32.5 values for most of our machines with
> 28 uA per sq. inch the average value for design work.

Of course, the theoretical value is just the limit. What I said is that
the correct unit is Coulombs per area, not Amperes per area, and the you
can't exceed 17.1 nanoCoulombs per square inch.
The maximum charging current is this value multiplied by the number
of square inches per second that enter the terminal.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz