SCR based coils (was High-Power Car Ignition Coils)

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>Scott Stephens wrote:
>>I would use a snubber or free-wheel diode on that SCR. I've seen an 
>>for a kitchen stove's induction heater, which featured one. Basicaly a 
>>turn on anti-parallel diode to the SCR.
>Scott - can you (or anyone) provide me any additional information on 
>SCR-based switchers (like those found in induction heating)?  I'm not 
>sure but it looks like it might be possible to build very high powered 
>switchers upwards of 20KHz.  That might be high enough to power some of 
>the very large coils some coilers have constructed.
>Thanks loads!  I'm in the process of disassembling a 60kva SCR switcher 
>x-ray transformer (sorry - runs at 6-9 KHz).

I've been working on an SCR based coil for a while now and hopefully soon I
should be posting a webpage about it. My number one resource for design has

SCR Manual
Sixth Edition
General Electric

I belive it's available through amazon-dot-com.

I also have found the Powerex SCR databooks to be of use.
Check out www.pwrx-dot-com