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to: Mike

If you are using 28 AWG on the sec coil a flat spiral will provide all the
coupling you need.  Excessive coupling which you will get running a
solenoid will split the energy into two separate frequencies which will
beat against your fundamental.  You will be hitting resonant peaks at
several points in the upper section of your secondary coil and it will
rapidly self-destruct.  Stick with the flat spiral and check the coeff. of
coupling with techniques described in the archives.  Over coupling is
certain death for a sec coil and your NST.


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> >  If someone could please help me in making my TC work I would
appreciate it
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> For a coil that size,  I would use more like 28g - 30g wire on the
> to get many more turns and much lower freq.  I would also use a solenoid
> primary instead of a flat coil for this size for tighter coupling(small
> can have a lot more coupling than big ones).   I would go with more
> capacitance as well.  You could get away with about twice what you have
> not hurt the trannie,  but at the very least you should go with the
0.0008 to
> get the resonant charging, which should help.
> Hope this helps
> Mike