Re: Practical limits and soldering tubes?

Hi Travis,

	For my 1/4 inch copper tube primary, I went to the hobby shop and got 1/4
inch inner diameter thin walled brass tubing.  I slipped a piece over the
ends of the tubing and heated it with a torch and applied solder.  The
solder flows and fills the small space between the tubing and the brass
sleeve to make a perfect connection.  Practice it first and you will see
how it works.  A little flux helps but the solder probably has it in it
already.  Steel wool will clean the copper and tubing to accept the solder
perfectly.  The hardware store usually has little booklets explaining how
to solder copper pipe.  They will tell all as will those home improvment TV
shows when plumbing comes up...


At 07:44 AM 1/6/99 -0700, you wrote:
>First off, how does one solder copper tube? I need more the 50' and I only
>have 50' rolls available here. I can get another roll, but what is the
>best way to connect them? Please include a quick tutorial on the soldering
>process too, I've heard "sweat soldering" mentioned on here before, but
>have no idea what it means. ;)