Resonant charging and quench time n.2

In my previous mail I sayd:

" The current left in the primary coil will make up a high voltage spike
that, in turn, will charge back the primary capacitor to a certain

I realized that is NOT true. The voltage you find when the spark gap opens
is simply the voltage LEFT ON THE PRIMARY CAPACITOR.
Because that is oscillating negative and positive, depending on the quench
time you can end up with a positive or negative voltage
left on the capacitor.

This, in turn, will partly spoil your next resonant charging cycle, rising
or lowering the next primary capacitor top charging voltage.

But... from replies to my previous mail I understood that, no matter what
you do, the RSG will always quench in proximity to notches were the voltage
on the capacitor is minimal. Thus the effect I described above is

Thanks for your help.