Re: High-Power Car Ignition Coils

Scott Stephens wrote:

>I would use a snubber or free-wheel diode on that SCR. I've seen an 
>for a kitchen stove's induction heater, which featured one. Basicaly a 
>turn on anti-parallel diode to the SCR.

Scott - can you (or anyone) provide me any additional information on 
SCR-based switchers (like those found in induction heating)?  I'm not 
sure but it looks like it might be possible to build very high powered 
switchers upwards of 20KHz.  That might be high enough to power some of 
the very large coils some coilers have constructed.

Thanks loads!  I'm in the process of disassembling a 60kva SCR switcher 
x-ray transformer (sorry - runs at 6-9 KHz).


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