RE: Neon sign transformers in europe

Hi Alan and all,

                     I have just found a neon sign shop in the City of
Nottingham I didn't know about!
I popped in to buy some H.T cable, and asked if they were chucking out any
The guy pulled out a 10KV 50ma Tunewell transformer co. and said I could
have it FOC!
Apparently these type are no longer used as they are physically too big to
fit into the neon sign boxes.
The new slimline resinblock transformers are only 37ma which he says also
makes the tubes last longer.
He said that they had already dumped a load of the old ones as no-one wanted
them (argghh!!)
Also, due to various commercial and safety reasons few NS shops in the UK
now build signs that need big NST's (10KV 50ma or greater)

So, get them while there hot folks, check out your local sign shop!
Obviously I will be visiting this one again! 

                      Martin Dale  TCBON

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> Nicholas,
> Where are you getting these from?
> Happy New Year (hic!)
> Alan Sharp (UK)
> >Hello
> You said they cost $200 in holland.  I can get them for $50 in england. 
> Variacs are also much cheaper over here (240V 2kw variac $70).
> If anyone would be interested in buying a bulk (10+) order of variacs or
> neons
> then I would be more than happy to coordinate the uk end of it.
> Nicholas Field 
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