Re: Holding up the Toriod?

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Steve Young" <youngs-at-konnections-dot-com> 
> Travis, and probably others,
> How about cementing on a smaller inverted end cap (say 2 inch) on top of
> your 6 inch end cap.  You might have to grind or file the 2 inch endcap to
> conform better to the 6 inch end cap's top surface.
> Then you can use whatever height you want of 2 inch PVC to support your
> torroid.  You don't need to cement it into the 2 inch endcap, so it would
> make the torroid and support easily removeable.

That's what I have on mine, but I have a plexi disk (made with my handy
Craftsman router and circle cutter attachment) cemented on the end of my
secondary instead of a "cap", and I use straight-through PVC couplers for
the toroid support.  The couplers (splices?) are flat on both ends, are
probably a little cheaper than the caps, and work fine - one epoxied to
the top of the secondary and one on the bottom of the disk on the toroid.
You also might think about using a little larger PVC pipe than 2" to
support your terminal - depending on the toroids you're going to throw on
top, that might be a little wobbly.