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           i am assuming that you are looking for "rigid" pvc sheet like
pipe is
make out of,if so try www.portplastics-dot-com. this company will supply full
sheets or cust pcs. they may also have the hdpe depends on thickness.
for thin sheets try www.pennfibre-dot-com for above 1/8" try the port guys.
if these companies cannot help or you have further questions you can
contact me by e-mail or phone 800-343-0444x4003
 robert cressler

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Original Poster: "Kevin Wahila" <knw2-at-lehigh.edu> 

i am looking for some 1/8" to 1/4" sheets of pvc or similar plastic.  does
anyone know of some good soruces for such materials, preferable
also, are there any large places that sell PE rolls?
kevin wahila