Re: Two Questions

  Jim -

  Two good sources for Tesla Coil books are:

  Lindsay Publications Inc.
  P.O. Box 12
  Bradley, IL  60915-0012

  Twenty First Century Books
  P.O. Box 2001, 0437 SCR 528
  Brenkenridge, CO  80424-2001

  Apparently the International Tesla Society in Colorado Springs has closed
down. This is regrettable because they were an important Tesla source at one

  I also have written three books and made a computer program for Tesla
coils. You can obtain them from the above sources. People on the Tesla List
can also obtain them from me. I am sending you a separate email with more

  John Couture


At 06:49 PM 1/1/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Original Poster: James P Rybak <jrybak-at-mesa7.mesa.colorado.edu> 
>What are considered the best Tesla coil books for beginners and who sells 
>Does anyone know where I can get a photo of Tesla?  The two Tesla 
>societies (the one in Colorado and the one in New York) seem to be out of 
>Jim Rybak