Re: Snow on telly

I would just like to thank everyone who suggested ways to cure
my TV interference problem.  Thank you all for posting your
tips so very quickly.  I now have a dozen things to try.

I have already tried removing the secondary coil and toroid,
to see if interference was still generated.  I know a Tesla
coil isn't much of a coil without its secondary, but I wanted
to know if the TVI was due to the big secondary arcs or not.
When the coil was powered up,  the interference on my TV was
still snow but TEN TIMES BRIGHTER than before.

>From this, I figured (like most people) that the primary
circuit is the general source of the problem.

I plan to take a day off work soon to do some investigating
and experimenting when most of my neighbors are out !

Thanks again, I will keep you posted with any results,