Re: New Web Page

At 08:00 PM 1/2/99 -0700, Chuck Curran wrote:

>Hello All:
>I wanted to mention the fact that I have completed the web page I was
>planning to create several months ago.  Other items seem to have come first.
>I tried to provide information on the three coils I've built over the last
>three years, with 8", 15" and 23" diameter secondaries.  There are quite a
>number of photographs, so unless you have at least a 56k modem that connects
>at a decent rate, you may have some long downloads.
>The web site is at:    http://www.execpc-dot-com/~ccurran

Hi Chuck,

Great work & look forward to seeing some "action shots" ;-)

Don't take this as criticism, this is aimed at any list member putting pics
on the web.

Curious about your comment regarding file size and download times, I
downloaded the pic "winding,inprocess.jpg" out of curiosity.  Looking at
this file its stats were:

	uncompressed image	> 2 MB
	jpeg size		99K
	resolution		180 dpi

You are likely aware that average screen resolution is 96 dpi, and at most
144 dpi for idiots like me that run at 1280x1024 or greater.  Thus the
"extra" resolution in your image is effectively wasted and simply adds to
download time.  Taking this image and resampling it to 96 dpi produces a
file with stats:

	uncompressed image	580K
	jpeg size		58K
	resolution		96 dpi

	ie., half the download time with no significant loss of picture detail !

When you construct a large site with lots of pics, this type of problem can
make an **enormous** difference to how others will view your site.  The
other thing is actual photo size.  Often pics can be made slighty smaller
with considerable saving in compressed file size.

If you want to give people access to a high res file for printing, then you
can simply put a link for this in your page.  However, note that most
scanning software (eg HP) tells you that 150dpi is about all you ever need
for photos !!!




<<<< Even though this is off topic I'll this this ONE through.  I think I
am the worst offender at my site! :-))   Further posts concerning
resolution and size of web page photos will be rejected... - Terry >>>>