Re: Got Shocked

Gary I've done this also, and am unsure why it does this.  I had a friend
of mine try it though (grin).  I held out a grounded copper rod, while he
held onto the top of the toroid.  He stuck his hand out to the rod and got
a severe shock...  running at about 2kva.

>the other hand.  I turned the power down to 150 watts again and with one
>hand on the toroid I held the other hand out to a target.  ZAP, knocked the
>-at-#$% out of me. Glad I had the power turned down.  I know by touching the
>toroid with my hand my body acts like a top load and changes things so the
>primary will have to be retapped.  I don't think I will try this again
>I learn how its suppost to be done. Does anyone know how this works?  I am
>gun shy now, not sure I want to try it again.
>Gary Weaver