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  There is another alternative by building your own from an A/C compressor of
an old vehicle and an electric motor such as an old washing machine motor or

  The particular A/C compressor that works well is the Tecumseh/York brands.
These have an oil sump such as a lawnmower engine which will keep it well
lubricated.   There are some at junk yards or rebuilds from an auto parts
house.   Most other models don't have a sump, and depend on lubrication using
freon/oil mix running through it.   Drill and run screws through the clutch
plate into the pulley to over ride the magnetic clutch action.  A simple v-
belt to a 1/2 to 1 H.P. electric induction motor 1750 to 3450 R.P.M. with a
small pulley on it.  The whole thing can be mounted on a plank of wood.  You
can use it as a vacuum pump or small air compressor. 

  A compressor from a refrigerator, window A/C, or other small refrigeration
device can also be used having the motor already built in.

 Kevin E.

>   All in all, would it be a better
>  idea to get a motorized pump? I've yet to see one for sale, used or
>  otherwise.
>  Here's to another year of coiling,
>              Adam