Re: TC Pics - How To?

At 12:05 PM 12/29/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Original Poster: Dsurfr-at-aol-dot-com 
>I'm looking for some advice on taking pictures of my coil while its arcing.
>>From all the great photos I've seen on the Ring most of you must know what
>you're doing & I've already wasted 2 rolls of film with meager (at best)
>results. I have an old Nikon - great camera w/ no electronics & good lenses.
>Any help on Fstop, exposure time, film speed etc. would be greatly
>appreciated. Thanks,  Jim

I used an old Nikon, without electronics etc.

Tripod mandatory.  ASA400 film preferred.  F2. to F5.  Manual expose to 6-8s