Will painting it red make it go faster?

Hi All,
          Just looking for a little help with my coil.
            first the specs
                xfrmr 12000 -at- 25ma  NST
                Secondary 4" wide 20" long 1000 turns 24awg
                Primary 6.5 turns .25" copper tube with .25" spaces
(have got 17 turns but tapped at 6.5)
                spark gap 12 x 1/2" copper tubes .025" apart
                Capacitor 15 salt water wine bottles.
                torroid is a ball covered in alfoil about 4.5" diameter

    ok my problem. The coil works and i get a spark of about 4-5inch. Is
there anyway to make this bigger? I have played with the primary coil
tapping and it is at it's resonance point. Would adjusting the spark gap
do anything?

                Thanks for any and all help     Paul