Re: Electric bath? Some TRUTH about Electrotherapy and Tesla Coils !

To Ed, To Bill:

First, to Ed:  High Frequency Currents were/are serious in the medical 

Cautery is one prime example, and spark gap cauterisers were common even up 
to 10 or 15 years ago.  Sparks zap tissues better than knives and cheaper 
than lasers.  Logical Tesla Coils!

But as for high frequency treeatments, YES, there certainly are REAL medical 
uses for Oudin Resonators and Diathermy Machines, etc.
Diathermy Machines, which utilised BOTH primary and secondary coils of Tesla 
Coils were very serious, and diathermy was serious in the treatments of 
cancer in the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and even today.

I am not saying that they CURE cancer, but Tesla Coils CAN destroy tumours.  
Today Diathermy has an "official medical use" for the treatment of cancer to 
heat tissue -- cancer cells only need to heated 5 degrees to be killed, of 
which diathermy of any method (spark gap, radio tube, modern electronics) 
can be used.

This isn't to say that Diathermy won't kill good cells too, aren't extremely 
dangerous, or that we all should start a rebirth of manufacture of Fischer 
Diathermy Machines.

Rectal and vaginal diseases/disorders were treated with high frequency 
currents (very positive results), and most inflammation for that matter 
(hemmorhoids, etc) (so the glass vacuum electrodes DID have a REAL use).

Those internal electrodes with the Violet Rays/Diathermy Machines actually 
HAD medical uses -- and ANY use of these electrodes other than for medical 
purposes is DANGEROUS, and can result in serious problems and injury.    NO 
laughing matter.  "Don't try this at home!"

The effluves from Oudin Resonators (ionisation of air) is intense in 
ultra-violet radiation and ozone -- which can be used with much success to 
treat various skin conditions -- again, can also cause bad sun burns -- but 
again, these aren't toys they are medical devices and MUCH research went 
into their production, and MUCH research into treatments of this nature CAN 
be found.  NOT ALL OF IT IS POSITIVE, I don't want for one instance to be 
though of as the modern quack saying that "Tesla Coils cure all" but -- 
facts are facts.

Doctors of the turn of the century weren't quiet -- they published their 
results.  And high frequency currents were big -- many reports, positive and 
negative were made.  At a time when nothing else was available they did 
considerable good in the medical field -- I mean, think about it:  The first 
Violet Ray type machines were made in 1898.  There were no electric 
toasters, no electric curling irons, nothing -- NOT even electrical outlets 
-- the machines had lamp bases for connection with electric current.  These 
original Violet Rays were sold ONLY for treatment of minor skin diseases, 
spark cautery, inflammation, etc.  THE APPROVED uses of such apparatus.  
They worked for these purposes...  Where little else did!

Not until ca. 1915 did everyone jump on the wagon and mass produce machines 
with bogus claims and pure quackery for treatments.

Early Tesla Coils by Fischer, Gaiffe, McIntosh, Ajax, Campbell, Betz, etc 
not only were thoroughly tested by doctors for medical treatments, but also 
for their ability to produce excellent radiographs.  You need a heck of a 
lot more than a home-brew Tesla Coil spark to create a clear radiograph.  To 
make a coil that produces not only high freq. electric currents for 
*authentic* medical treatment use AND produce a clear radiograph is an 

I mean Oudin Resonators had specific requirements for construction.  Sparks 
only 2-3" long MAX, but an effluve of 12" or more.  This takes considerable 

I mean, my Betz X-ray/Ozone coil had to produce a hot 6" high freq. *Tesla* 
spark from one amp of 100V DIRECT current -- how many Tesla Coils can do 
this today?  AND produce a good radiograph?? Absolutely NONE!  Engineering!

MEDICAL TESLA COILS are NOT the typical coils we make at home to light 
Geissler tubes and scare the neighbours.  They had specific parameters of 
both input and output voltages, currents, frequencies, etc.  No neon 
transformers and beer bottle caps here.  At least with the originals.  By 
the late 1920s all went down the drain.  Every fraud and kook on the planet 
started making medical Tesla Coils, worthless ones too!

Comparably, ANYONE can build a Tesla Coil on a multi-tiered circular base, 
with components neatly underneath, and a nice torroid on top... but that 
doesn't mean to say it's as efficient as a Wysock coil, or will live even a 
fraction of one's life.
Tesla Coils in general are not medical marvels.  But some medical marvels of 
the past WERE in fact Tesla Coils.

To Bill:

Bill Wysock is the only manufacturer of Diathermy Machines with 250 pound 
torroids as coagulation electrodes.  :)

I have on my left hand a scar worthy of Frankenstein himself.  Treatment 
from a modern hospital using an X-ACTO knife, after an impatient nurse 
decided that my hand was less important than the hot dog was that the other 
nurse just had purchased for her from an outside vendor.  On my right hand 
are two tiny scars from my Fischer Diathermy Machine, used last week.  No 
further comment!

It's not that I don't trust the modern medical society, but heck, I work in 
the restaurant industry as a cook and know many part-time wait-staff that 
are nurses (male and female) that get higher than kites and drink like 
pirates every other night -- I'd rather take my chances with my "primative 
useless quackery devices" than with the "modern useless alcoholics" that I 
work beside.  I don't trust half of them to deliver the plates to the 
correct tables, much less do any medical work!

Would I rather play with my Diathermy Machine or sit in a waiting room for 5 
hours?  If it was life or death, well, I'd be sitting in that waiting room 
and giving the Tesla Coil a rest.  If I get a shrimp tail caught in my hand, 
well, I'm going digging with a platinum cutting tool and a my A.S. Aloe 
surgical Tesla Coil "Lightening" machine.

The quack has spoken, no medical credentials (but a big BS-er...),  a LOT of 
serious research into the subject, in hopes of separating false hope from 
facts concerning this very subject!

Jeff Behary
Electrotherapy Museum

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